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ADHD Lancashire Support Services 
For Adults, Parents & Professionals

Meet Bernadette


I'm the Founder and Director of ADHD Lancashire, bringing almost two decades of dedicated advocacy for individuals navigating life with ADHD. As a Certified ADHD Life Coach, I specialise in assisting adults embarking on their exploration of Adult ADHD, offering support to minimise feelings of overwhelm, stress, and anxiety. My passion lies in providing structured guidance and coaching to enhance the professional and personal aspects of people's lives.

ADHD Lancashire was founded in 2011 to provide support, empowerment, and nurture the potential of adults, children and family members living with ADHD.

Bernadette is not only a Certified ADHD Life Coach but has also earned her ACC International Coaching Federation accreditation. Bernadette is also the author of Living With Adult ADHD: Embracing The Chaos With a Smile. Her expertise and dedication shine through in how she supports families and adults with ADHD, bringing a deep understanding and empathy to her work.


Her personal journey adds a unique perspective, having lived through over 50 years in a neurodiverse family that includes ADHD, Dyslexia, and Autism. These experiences have given her invaluable insights that she is eager to share with others.


If you have any questions about ADHD, whether for yourself or a loved one, don't hesitate to reach out!

You can schedule a complimentary 20-minute Zoom call with Bernadette to explore your concerns and discover the support that ADHD Lancashire can offer.

She's more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

Free Download Adult ADHD Self-Report Tool 

Empower Yourself on Your
ADHD Journey

"Navigating Your Path to ADHD Assessment: Take Your Next Step Confidently!"

If you suspect ADHD and are considering an assessment, follow this clear pathway:

Start by discussing your concerns with your doctor. If necessary, request a referral to the Adult ADHD NHS Assessment Service. Take along your completed Adult ADHD Self-Report Tool.

Alternatively, explore a Private Assessment through national organisations. If medication will be considered as a treatment option, check with your GP about prescribing medications through a shared-care agreement after your psychiatrist determines the appropriate titration (Right medication and dosage).

"Prepare for Your Next Step with Confidence!"

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Adult ADHD Services
Monthly Group Meetings
Individual and Group Coaching Packages

We understand the unique challenges that come with Adult ADHD.

We recognise that the path to understanding Adult ADHD can be complex. If you're navigating the process of getting a diagnosis, we're here to provide guidance and support. Our goal is to bring clarity to your journey, empowering you to embrace your strengths and navigate the challenges.

At ADHD Lancashire, we offer comprehensive services to enhance your well-being and productivity. Whether you're looking to become more productive, reduce anxiety, or conquer overwhelming feelings, our tailored approach is designed to meet your unique needs.

Explore our services below to discover how we can assist you:

Diagnosis Support: Navigating the journey to diagnosis can be challenging. We offer support and resources to guide you through this process, ensuring you receive the understanding and validation you deserve. Book a free 20-minute Diagnosis Discovery Call

Monthly Group Meetings: Joining our meetings is a fantastic way to connect with like-minded individuals who face similar challenges. You'll have the opportunity to share coping strategies, discuss diagnoses and medications, and access helpful services. Meetings & Meet-up Events

Funding for Coaching: We can support you through the application process for Access to Work funding. Access to Work funding in the UK can cover a variety of support measures to assist individuals with disabilities or health conditions in the workplace. The specific support provided is tailored to the individual's needs. Access to Work Information

ADHD Coaching: Our coaching sessions are crafted to bring clarity to your life. Together, we'll explore strategies to manage ADHD-related challenges, allowing you to thrive in both your personal and professional life. Coaching Packages

Group Coaching: Eight weeks coaching programmes, we have three weekly groups to choose from, with no more than 8 participants in each group. We cover the most challenging topics adults with ADHD find the most challenging. Group Coaching Packages

Productivity Boost: If you're seeking ways to enhance productivity, our tailored approach is geared towards unlocking your full potential. Let's develop strategies that align with your strengths and create new habits.

Anxiety and Overwhelm Management: Living with ADHD can sometimes bring about anxiety and overwhelm. We're here to provide tools and support to help you navigate these feelings and cultivate a sense of calm and control.

Curious about our services? Click on each service below to find detailed information and explore what our clients have to say about their experiences with Bernadette.


Let's embark on this journey together, embracing the possibilities ahead! 

Click on each service below to find out more

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Adult ADHD

Private 1 to 1 sessions

Feeling overwhelmed, stuck, procrastinating, or does time seem to be slipping away from you?

Are you looking for structure and balance in your work and home life?

ADHD Support Group with Bernadette Ashton

Adult Support Group

Monthly Meetings

You do not need a confirmed diagnosis to attend our support group meetings.

We hold two group meetings every month. 

1st Thursday of each month over Zoom and a Face to Face meet-up at various venues.

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ADHD Group Coaching

Eight Weeks ADHD Coaching Sessions

Three weekly Zooms sessions to choose from: Newly diagnosed, Womens and Men's groups.

Small groups of up to 6 people

If you feel you are not living to your full potential!

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Free Download

How to Apply

Free download and the information you need to complete your Access to Work application,


We can also support you with the online application live over Zoom

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Facebook Group

Private Facebook Group

Come and join us on Facebook

Here you can ask any questions you may have and you can engage in discussions, share ideas, and learn from others who have similar experiences or knowledge.

Join our adult ADHD Community

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Ask an ADHD Coach

Ask any questions you may have about:

Access to Work Applications, and completeing your application. Including reasonable adjustments in your workplace.

ADHD Referral pathway and Private Assessments.

Adult ADHD Group Coaching Eight-week Programmes

Book a Discovery Call if You Have Any Questions About Our Coaching Packages or Programmes


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Be the first to Know, about Meetings, events and Coaching Packages. Let Us Keep you Updated!

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Parents & Carers ADHD Information and Support Services
ADHD Courses, Parent Group,
Parent Mentoring

We specialise in understanding the unique dynamics of ADHD in children and providing steadfast support to parents.



With nearly two decades of advocacy for ADHD, I am the Founder and Director, a Certified ADHD Life Coach committed to helping families navigate the complexities of ADHD with compassion and expertise.

Parenting a child with ADHD can be a transformative journey, and we're here to walk alongside you. Our mission is to support parents in understanding and addressing the challenges their children may face, creating a nurturing and empowering environment for the entire family.

Explore our comprehensive services tailored to meet the specific needs of families:

Diagnosis Guidance: If you're seeking support in understanding and obtaining a diagnosis for your child, we offer guidance to navigate this process, ensuring your family receives the validation and resources necessary. Download Your Guide to Assessments

Private Support Group: Join our private Facebook Support Group—a safe space where parents share experiences, exchange tips, and find solace in a community that understands. Connect with others on a similar journey, building a network of support and understanding.


ADHD & Positive Parenting Solutions Course: Enroll in our specialised course designed to equip parents with effective strategies for positive parenting. Learn how to navigate challenges, promote positive behaviour, and foster a harmonious family environment, Click for More Information


Chaos Reduction and Calm Building: We understand that family life can sometimes feel chaotic. Our goal is to help you reduce chaos and bring calm to your family dynamics. From practical tips to emotional support, we're here to assist in creating a balanced and serene home. You can book private sessions with our coaches to address any immediate issues. Click for More Information

Living with ADHD can be overwhelming, and our mission is to help families thrive. By providing resources, guidance, and a supportive community, we aim to lessen anxiety and empower both parents and children on this journey.

Curious about our services? Explore each offering below and discover the positive impact ADHD Lancashire can make in your family's life.


Let's work together to create a nurturing and harmonious environment for your loved ones!

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Parent ADHD Course

5-week Online Course

Interactive live online course delivered during term-time during the day and evening.

Both parents & carers can attend this course.

Book online to reserve your place today with a £55 deposit


Private 1-to-1 Mentoring

Let's have a chat

ADHD Parent Mentors can provide guidance based on their ADHD parenting experiences and their Certified ADHD coaching training.

They are also, qualified parent practitioners.

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Parent Support Group

Come and Join us

Dealing with personal challenges can be emotional. In our support group, you can express your feelings openly without judgment and receive emotional support from others who genuinely empathize with your situation.


ADHD Symptoms in Children


Private ADHD Assessments

Discovery Zoom Call


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Vickie Parent Testimonial.png

Yes, keep me updated on upcoming parent events.

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Living with Adult ADHD Book

Coming Soon!

We're eagerly seeking amusing stories to include in our forthcoming book on Adult ADHD.

If you've got any humorous tales and success stories to tell, we'd be delighted to hear them!

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