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Adult ADHD Life Coaching

Does your ADHD make you feel overwhelmed or stuck? Do you procrastinate, or does time seem to be slipping away from you?

Are you looking for structure and balance in your work and home life?

ADHD Life Coaching


Do you find yourself experiencing feelings of overwhelm, stagnation, or procrastination?         Does time often slip away without notice?
Are you searching for a solution to bring structure and balance into your work and home life?

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What is a Certified ADHD Life Coach?

Our professional Certified ADHD Life Coaches are trained to coach adults, teens, and children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to manage their symptoms better and live to their full potential.

They have received their Certified ADHD Life Coaching (CALC) qualification through the International ADHD Coach Training Center (iACTCenter). They also have their Associate Certified Coach qualifications (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and ​subscribe to ICF’s Code of Ethics (see ICF Code of Ethics)

"Even with the assistance of ADHD medication, you might still encounter challenges in areas such as time management, time blindness, organisational skills, prioritisation, self-esteem, appropriate social skills, and emotional regulation. Let's work together to explore tailored solutions that will work for you. "

Meet Bernadette 

Bernadette is a seasoned professional in the realm of ADHD coaching, boasting not only her certification as an ADHD Life Coach but also the prestigious ACC International Coaching Federation accreditation.


Bernadette's commitment and expertise manifest in her exceptional support for both families and adults navigating ADHD. What sets her apart is not just her professional qualifications but also her personal journey—a remarkable 50-year experience within a neurodiverse family, encompassing ADHD, Dyslexia, and Autism.


Through these unique life experiences, Bernadette has gained invaluable insights that she is enthusiastic about sharing with others.

She offers a free 20-minute discovery call to answer any of your questions.

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 When it comes to your ADHD, what do you find the most challenging?  

Picture a transformative journey where you not only confront but conquer the every day challenges posed by ADHD, ushering in a profound sense of control and mastery over your life.

"As we collaborate in a coaching relationship, we will delve into your current ADHD life skills and assist you in:

  • Understanding the impact of your ADHD on the areas you wish to enhance.

  • Enhancing productivity in less time.

  • Reducing feelings of being overwhelmed and initiating tasks you tend to avoid.

  • Sustaining focus, even during mundane tasks.

  • Refining your core ADHD skills by identifying what suits you best.

  • Implementing personalised tools for managing executive functioning, organisation, and task prioritisation.

  • Breaking down tasks into more manageable components.

  • Enhancing your time management abilities and awareness.

  • Monitoring and increasing awareness of various emotional triggers.

  • Utilising tools to improve your sleep hygiene."

How ADHD Coaching Can Help You

Here are some prevalent challenges that adults with ADHD symptoms commonly encounter:

  1. Difficulty maintaining focus and completing tasks

  2. Pronounced distractibility and impulsivity

  3. Restlessness or hyperactivity

  4. Tendency to avoid initiating tedious tasks

  5. Procrastination, often relying on deadlines for motivation

  6. Time blindness, underestimating the time needed for task completion

  7. Habitual last-minute actions or tardiness

  8. Challenges in establishing healthy and balanced interpersonal relationships

  9. Struggles with emotion regulation

  10. Sleep-related issues

ADHD Coaching Packages

ADHD coaching isn't a quick fix; we offer various packages tailored to diverse needs, including group coaching options.

Since individuals often face multiple challenges, my coaching engagements typically span six to twelve months. It's essential to recognise that consistent effort over time is critical for changes to become ingrained habits and life-changing.

Did you know that if you're employed or self-employed, there might be a funding grant you can apply for to help pay for your coaching for up to twelve months? 


If you have any questions or seek more information, feel free to schedule a Free Discovery Call

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Group Coaching Packages

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