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Adult ADHD Coaching Packages

Our professional Certified ADHD Life Coaches are trained to coach adults, teens, and children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to better manage their symptoms and live to their full potential.

While your ADHD medication helps with focusing and impulsivity, you may still struggle with time management or time blindness, organizational skills, prioritising, self-esteem, appropriate social skills, and regulating your emotions.

Complimentary Session


This is a free 20-minute session. We are here to answer any of your questions. Plus we can explore together which options are available for your needs.

Coaching Package 2

Person Wearing Headset

Bi-weekly Sessions - over 3 months

6 sessions online over Zoom, with a follow-up email after each session.

Coaching Package 3

Online meeting

12-Session Coaching Package - over 3 months

The sessions are held online over zoom, with a follow-up email after each session.

Brainstorming 1 - 1 Intensive Session 


This is a 60 minuite intensive brainstorming session to look at your immediate requirements and actions you need to move forward.

Coaching Package 1 

On a Video Call

Intensive 1-month coaching package  

4 weekly sessions online over Zoom, with a, follow-up e-mail after each session.

Coaching Package 3

Online meeting

8-Session Coaching Package - over 2 months

The sessions are held online over zoom, with a follow-up email after each session.

One off Coaching Session

Using Laptop at Home

This is a one-off session to explore if coaching is for you or if you would like to add on an extra Coaching session.

Bursary Coaching Sessions


Bursary plans are available if you are on a low income or in receipt of benefits. They are subject to status, and availability.


Jayne - Manchester

Private 1 - 1 Coaching Session


My first session was amazing. It was the first step toward teaching me to focus my energies and begin to move forward. Bernadette has a calm and comforting aura and enables you to share in a secure and safe space. Already making changes in my approach to challenging hurdles.

Ryan - Chorley

Private 1 - 1 Coaching Session


As an initial meeting it was great. I believe I already have a good knowledge of ADHD through my own experiences and research. However, Bernadette seems to hold a lot of the answers for me adding more structure to my life. I’m looking forward to future sessions

Jenny - Preston

Private 1 - 1 Coaching Sessions


I have found the coaching sessions really helpful. Bernadette is easy to talk to and helps you to explore your difficulties and work towards solutions. With Bernadette's guidance I have made some changes in my life to help me deal with the challenges I face having ADHD. This has made me feel less anxious and subsequently feel in a better mental space to try and deal with other difficulties I have.