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ADHD Courses & Workshops

ADHD & Positive Parenting Solutions Course

Adult Course

Hello and welcome,

We are so pleased that you are interested in learning more about our ADHD & Positive Parenting Solutions course and for taking the time to find out more. Come along and join us, and meet other parents and caregivers over 5-weekly Zoom sessions, which are live and interactive classes.

This course is designed to offer help and support to parents and caregivers whose children are diagnosed with ADHD or are seeking a diagnosis of ADHD.


We have a team of Certified ADHD Coaches who have the pleasure of delivering this course. These parents have decades of lived experience with ADHD, and they are qualified 123 magic parent practitioners.


They also have first-hand experience in parenting children with ADHD and co-occurring conditions. Among them, Autism, speech and language, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, tics, and Tourette's syndrome.


All UK parents and caregivers are welcome to attend this course.

Check out the availability and dates of our courses below.

Would you like to go from Chaos to Calm?

Let us share some tools and strategies with you!


Positive Parenting Solutions


Firstly, you will learn in detail about ADHD and other co-occurring conditions which are typically associated with ADHD. Plus, how the ADHD brain develops in our children.


We will then explore medications and alternatives to medications that can naturally boost dopamine. Plus, which accommodations your child may need in school and their education. 

Then, we will look at any behaviours you may be faced with as a family and introduce the 123 magic programme for stopping unwanted behaviours.


The 1-2-3 Magic programme offers a simple and gentle-but-firm approach, it is an evidence-based, easy-to-learn, and effective positive parenting solution for parents. The 1-2-3 Magic parenting programs produce results quickly and have solutions for children from two to eighteen. The course first looks at managing difficult unwanted behaviours, then encourages good behaviours and routines, independence, and self-esteem. 


Parenting doesn't have to be a battle. Come and learn about how to effectively use a toolkit of strategies to help manage unwanted behaviour and encourage positive behaviours.

This programme will work with all children, so it's ideal if your child has siblings.

The course will cover the following:

  • A deeper understanding of ADHD and Co-occurring conditions

  • Natural alternatives to medication

  • How medications work on the ADHD brain

  • Looking at stress and destressing exercises to de-escalate behaviours

  • Stopping unwanted behaviour in children

  • Avoiding the Talk-Persuade-Argue and yelling

  • Six Types of Testing and Manipulation

  • Misbehaviour in Public: What You Can Do

  • Getting up and out in the morning

  • How to get your Children to pick up after themselves

  • Making mealtimes more enjoyable

  • Avoiding homework battles

  • How to get your children to bed and stay there

  • How to encourage and respect your child's growing independence

  • Exercise self-control and be an effective disciplinarian at the same time


​This course is offered to participants as a five-session course with a duration of 90 minutes per session, conducted during the daytime or evening during school term time.

Each session is limited to 10 participants, and both partners can attend.


Wednesday the 14th of June - 10:30 - 12 pm 

Wednesday the 14th of June - 7:30 - 9:00 pm

Wednesday the 13th of Sept - 10:30 - 12 pm 

Wednesday the 13th of Spet - 7:30 - 9:00 pm

Wednesday the 1st of Nov- 10:30 - 12 pm 

Wednesday the 1st of Nov - 7:30 - 9:00 pm


Places are limited. A £55 deposit will reserve your place today

Open for registration

A £55 deposit will secure your place on the course of your choice.


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