Adult ADHD group meetings

ADHD affects every aspect of your life and can lead to feelings of isolation. A support group is a great place to share coping strategies with others who face similar challenges as you. 

Taking part in our meetings is an excellent way for you to meet new people, discuss diagnoses, medications, and access services that may be helpful to you.

Guest speakers will be attending some of our meetings in 2022.

These meetings are for adults diagnosed with ADHD or awaiting diagnosis, come along to share your experiences and ask others questions about coping strategies. 

The meetings are held online over Zoom
 on the 1st Thursday evening each month from 7 pm - 8:30 pm.
Only £5 per session, new members and partners are welcome to join us.

Upcoming Meetings



Support Group Meetings


Really informative and non-judgemental group sessions. When in the process of a possible diagnosis (or even after a diagnosis) it’s really difficult to know what information is useful and trusted. Within the group the information is made clear and concise and it’s always comforting to hear other people’s experiences. The group is very relaxed and open and was really enjoyable to attend. I will definitely be attending future group sessions.


Support Group Meetings


Hi Bee, you offer great support for adults with ADHD. I was worried at first, coming to something like this, but I found everyone so supportive and felt at home straight away. It’s a safe place that you have created and we’re learning so much in a relaxed environment.


Private Coaching Sessions


I have been working with Bernadette for the past two months. During her coaching sessions, I am learning a lot about how my ADHD has been affecting me. Bernadette has given me some useful tools to use when I become overwhelmed with my workload to reduce my procrastinating.  Looking forward to learning more about myself and my ADHD!


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