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Parent 1 to 1 Private Mentoring Sessions

Are you feeling overwhelmed? 


ADHD Parent Mentors can provide guidance based on their ADHD parenting experiences and their ADHD-certified coaching training. They are also, qualified parent practitioners and have personal first-hand experience in parenting children who have been diagnosed with ADHD. 

Unsure what to do next?

As part of our ADHD parent mentoring service, we can provide information about:

  • ADHD symptoms.

  • The diagnostic and the pathway in your area.

  • Advice on how you can support your child with ADHD. 

  • The challenges you may be having

  • Routines

  • Challenging behaviours


The service is provided by Zoom on a 1-to-1 basis. Why not schedule a free 20-minute Zoom call with Bernadette? She will be able to tell you which kind of support would be most beneficial for you.

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