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ADHD & Positive Parenting Solutions




5 Weeks

About the Course

ADHD Parent Coaches can provide guidance based on their Certified ADHD Coach Training, and they are qualified parent practitioners. They also have personal first-hand experience on parenting children who have been diagnosed with ADHD and co-occurring conditions.

Bernadette Ashton

Your Instructor

Bernadette Ashton

ADHD & Positive Parenting Solutions

Come and meet other parents going through a similar journey and learn more about:
  • A deeper understanding of ADHD and co-occurring conditions

  • How medications work and natural alternatives to medication

  • Looking at stress and destressing exercises to de-escalate behaviours

  • Stopping unwanted behaviour in children

  • Avoiding the Talk-Persuade-Argue and yelling

  • Six Types of Testing and Manipulation

  • Misbehaviour in Public: What You Can Do

  • Getting up and out in the morning

  • How to get your kids to pick up after themselves

  • Making mealtimes more enjoyable

  • Avoiding homework battles

  • How to get your kids to bed and stay there

  • How to encourage and respect your child's growing independence

  • Exercise self-control and be an effective disciplinarian at the same time

This course is offered to participants as a 90-minuet session delivered over 5 weekly sessions during the day or evening.

Each session is limited to 10 participants and both partners can attend.​​

The course is only £30 per session all five sessions must be paid for in full before the course starts.

We can arrange for you to be invoiced for weekly payments, contact us for more details

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