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Parent & Caregivers Training Courses

ADHD & Positive Parenting Solutions

Parenting doesn’t have to be a battle, come and learn about how to effectively use a toolkit of

strategies to help manage unwanted behavior and encourage positive behaviours.

Professionals & Teacher Training

Online self-paced "All about ADHD" CPD training courses coming soon

Professional & Teacher Training

If you require any bespoke training around ADHD in the classroom.

Or additional training around accommodations you need to put in place to teach children with ADHD, please contact us.

Training course
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Partners ADHD workshop

This workshop is for partners and loved ones of adults diagnosed or seeking a diagnosis of ADHD

This workshop is delivered online as a live interactive workshop over Zoom. The sessions are 90-minuets and are delivered over 4 weekly sessions.

What the workshop covers:

  • How is caring for your loved one affecting you? 

  • Sharing tips and ideas as a group.

  • All about the ADHD symptoms in adults and comorbid conditions

  • Time blindness - Is your partner always running behind or underestimating time?

  • Procrastination - finding it hard to get started, especially with difficult or mundane tasks?

  • Medications and how they work

  • Natural alternatives to medications to boost Dopamine levels.

  • Ways you can help your loved ones to be more organised, better at time keeping and staying on task or completing those half-done projects.

We only deliver to small groups of 8 people at a time, so we may have a waiting list. Please register your interest below.

10 Day Meditation Program

Self-Paced | No Time Limit


In this 10-day meditation journey, we will ease you into a routine and help you reap all of the benefits meditation has to offer. 

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