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New Adult ADHD 4-Week Coaching Package

As a starting point for adult ADHD coaching, we're pleased to offer you a 4-week Adult ADHD coaching package.

During these sessions, you will have a strategy and planning session, in which we will look at your specific ADHD life skills and traits.

Let's talk about your own challenges and what changes you would like to see in the next three to six months.

After reviewing what you want coached on, we will set up the next three sessions.

The following are some of the most common challenges adults with ADHD face:

  • Maintaining focus and completing tasks

  • Impulsivity and distractibility

  • Excessive restlessness or hyperactivity

  • Avoid starting tedious tasks

  • Procrastinating unless you have a deadline or consequences to deal with

  • Underestimating the amount of time it takes to accomplish a task?

  • Arriving late or being on the last minute

  • Being anxious about missing deadlines and being late all the time

  • Relationship building that is healthy and balanced

  • Managing your emotions

  • Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

  • Having high anxiety

  • Problems sleeping

Can you imagine how it would feel to be able to control some of the ADHD symptoms you experience every day?

Together with an ADHD coach, you can explore your current ADHD Life Skills and work towards:

  • Understanding how ADHD affects the areas you would like to improve.

  • Getting more done in less time

  • Avoid feeling overwhelmed and starting the tasks you avoid

  • Make sure you stay focused even when you have to do tedious tasks

  • Learn what works best for your ADHD brain and improve your core ADHD skills

  • Use tools that suit your executive functioning skills, as well as organizing and prioritizing your work.

  • Make tasks more manageable by breaking them down

  • Developing your ability to manage and be aware of your time

  • Understanding and regulating your emotional triggers

  • Making sleep hygiene a priority by using good routines

The coaching sessions are led by the what you want to explore and talk about. You will learn so much valuable information from these sessions, plus you will have the option to add more coaching sessions.

You do not need a confirmed diagnosis to start working with your ADHD symptoms.

Our professional Certified ADHD Life Coaches are trained to coach adults, teens, and children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to better manage their symptoms and live to their full potential.

If you would like to discuss your own current situation more, then book a Free 20-minute discovery call.

Read more about our 4-week coaching plan

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