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Adult ADHD Essentials Group
Strategies for Success

Affordable and Impactful ADHD Solutions

Have you recently been diagnosed with adult ADHD and are struggling to figure out what to do next?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there, unsure of what will work best for you?

Let us help you find successful solutions and strategies that work with your ADHD, not against it.

In our group sessions, you will learn from certified ADHD coaches as well as your peers.

During our upcoming group sessions, we'll delve into and explore the following topics

Plus, so much more:
"switching chaos into calm"

We are here to help you learn more about your ADHD and share strategies to help you.


Bernadette Ashton, ACC
Certified ADHD Life Coach.

Bernadette, the founder and director of ADHD Lancashire, has been dedicated to working with families and adults with ADHD since 2011. Her expertise and commitment are evident in the way she provides support, demonstrating a profound understanding and empathy in her work.

Her personal journey contributes a unique perspective, having lived through over 50 years in a neurodiverse family that encompasses ADHD, Dyslexia, and Autism. These experiences have provided her with invaluable insights that she shares with others.

Alison Clink
Certified ADHD Life Coach.

Alison, the founder and CEO of the Dundee and Angus ADHD Support Group since 2013, has been working with families, both with and without a diagnosis of ADHD, for over ten years.


Alison's personal journey has provided her with knowledge and understanding in various areas of ADHD, including ADHD Coaching. She also conducts workshops for professionals and other third-sector organisations, raising awareness of the condition.


Eight-Week ADHD Essential Group Package
Get ready to unlock a world of strategies tailored to your ADHD brain.
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Our following groups will commence in September and November


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Adult ADHD Essentials Group

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