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Positive Parenting Solutions
The 1-2-3 Magic programme offers a simple and gentle-but-firm approach, it is an evidence-based, easy-to-learn, and effective positive parenting solution for parents.  The 1-2-3 Magic parenting programs produce results quickly and have solutions for children from two to eighteen. The course looks at managing the difficult behaviours first, then encouraging good behaviors, independence, and self-esteem. Parenting doesn’t have to be a battle, come and learn about how to effectively use a toolkit of

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strategies to help manage unwanted behavior and encourage positive behaviours.

Find out how to strengthen your relationship with your children through using praise and consistent boundaries.

Millions of parents from all over the world have used the award-winning 1-2-3 Magic parenting program to help them raise happier, healthier families and put the fun back in parenting.

Our online "All about ADHD parent training course" Coming soon!    Contents are Under Construction

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